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About Us

YummyHair is a service based e-store that specializes in offering high quality virgin hair extensions to the aware woman. Our store offers an array of textures that will surely enable you to achieve your dream hair style. We have something for everyone. The premise of this site is to offer long lasting virgin human hair extensions at attainable prices. All items ship from our facility in Dallas, TX.

How it all began...2010

Our founder, Yummie is an avid weave wearer. She loves the different styles that can be achieved with hair extensions. In her early years, she spent thousands of dollars each year purchasing hair from her local beauty supply store. As you can imagine, this became problematic to her bank account and her husband (finance professional) began to complain! The constant conversations with the hubby pressured her to find alternatives. The search began for long lasting hair extensions. With the search came horror stories, but she FINALLY found IT. The rest is history.